Hawkequisition Progress

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 11:02 am
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Still fiddling with my Hawkequisition game. The Hawke hair and swipe mods have let me make a passable iconic Hawke, but something's off. Trying to RP as Hawke is uphill because the Inquisitor's facial expressions are A) very Inquisitor to me, obviously, having played the game a lot and B) kind of weird in general, C) and therefore not very Hawkish. This is probably going to be for screenshots only if I can get it set up to my satisfaction. I will gladly take any suggestions on the CC.

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Tired Cullen and Hawkequisitor are reunited for the first time since the Kirkwall Rebellion. I'm not sure why she's wearing that, she's supposed to be wearing templar plate but it only manifests in the CC.

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And here's Tawny Curly Cullen with waves and the matching complexion. I like Curls on principle but the mesh makes DAI's hair weirdness stand out even more and without a decent complexion match, IDK. I tried Original Recipe again and still couldn't get it to work.

Cullen Age: Inquisition

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 02:31 pm
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I had to reinstall Dragon Age: Inquisition and re-familiarize myself with modding. I'd forgotten about the dreaded NVIDIA crash problem, but I think I found the same fix I used when the game came out. It took a while to get everything modded and going (and gameplay is still dodgy until I fine-tune the settings), but it was worth it.

I've been good about snagging mods whenever I see them, even if I'm not actively playing, because stuff disappears from the Nexus sometimes. So I have a robust collection of Cullen mods but I wasn't sure how many I could combine without having to cobble together a mod of my own. There were apparently some issues with Original Recipe Cullen that freeze the game, but I was able to combine Tight Curls, Tired Commander, and Former Knight-Commander. So after some fiddling we have:

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When the scene loaded with tight curls my eyes started watering. I am a stan and this is proof, ISTG, I want to fucking die right now. The modding community is such a gift. I also gave him chest hair so maybe now the Wicked Grace scene will be bearable (ahem).

In the realm of tentative possibility, I'd like to either be able to incorporate both the fuller DA2-style beard and Tired Commander eyes into one complexion OR pull the complexion from Original Recipe Cullen. ORC causes my game to hang, so I'd have to unpack the complexion. shutterbones has not responded to requests for separate complexion/hair mods and I know it's possible but I wasn't able to figure it out just by messing with the tools or scanning the forum. I think I need a pre-1.0 version of the mod maker. Until I learn how to extract textures from a .daimod file none of the above is going anywhere.

In the realm of no possibility, the only other thing I can think to add are battle skirts and a redesign of his outfit is beyond me. Former Knight-Commander is a good compromise. Oh, and I'd love to add the templar tattoo we used to joke about to his bicep or butt cheek. Cullen needs a regret tat. That's going into Precipice, stat. Ugh send help help heeeelp.

(As an aside, watching the cut scenes after so long reminds me how stiff actors are in Frostbite. Considering what a PITA rigging apparently is, I think the close-interaction scenes turned out as well as they could have and it's clear they put effort into making them as smooth as possible.)

Dishonored 2 III

Monday, July 24th, 2017 07:25 pm
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I finished Dishonored 2. It's a great sequel. It has clever level design and some of my actions in-game affected the game world in a way I didn't anticipate. I'm a little underwhelmed by the ending, which is a brief epilogue that doesn't resolve much, leaving things open for the third game.

Like, the ending was maybe a minute and the ending credits were closer to 10 minutes? That's how it felt, anyway. I think we should have at least gotten an individual slide for each target based on whether they lived or died. I think there are about 4 titles you can get at the end, I got Emily the Just (non-lethal) and Emily the Clever (apparently I was ghostly enough).

There is a plus game feature that allows you to retain your runes and unlocks all the powers for purchase, which is cool. As with the first game, I immediately wanted to do a high chaos run, and then a few hours later... kinda didn't. Partly because 30+ hours is already a lot of quality time with roofs, and partly because I'm not super interested in fucking everything up, which is what the high chaos run ostensibly does. I like discovery a lot, so I enjoy finding new places I missed the first go around, but there are sections of the game that I don't enjoy retreading. I prefer interiors and don't like the open areas and rooftops as much.

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Something I found interesting is 25% of players beat the game with Emily and 17% beat it with Corvo. I think the fact that the game starts from Emily's POV probably helps. 80% actually play it, and it's hard to tell by the cheevs but I'm gonna say 30% beat it at least once.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Creepin' Up On You

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 08:35 am
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The DAI replay feels have become intense (thanks a lot guys), and I am valiantly resisting because Dishonored and also, this is the sort of game I have to block out a month on my schedule.

It's been long enough that I'm kinda hazy on my strategy beyond knowing that I want to pick the templars because I like their storyline better. (Dutifully accepting this makes me a hideous monster who should be stoned but can settle for praying for death. At least I know my options.)

I have decided BioWare can do whatever they want with the romances in DA4 because Josephine and Cullen's romances are honestly a gift and from here on I will happily embrace whatever dramalama they wish to throw at me. I am really interested in Sera and Solas and it looks like the Multiple Romance Mod has made good progress, but I may end up making divergent saves just because I'm so paranoid about conflicts, especially in Trespasser, not to mention they probably both have very different approval gains. In the past waiting to trigger advisor romances just before Wicked Hearts was a good strategy, not just for the pacing but for limiting the amount of content to re-replay, but for party characters I think I actually have to target their approval early on. IIRC I tried to trigger Solas' my first PT but I think I did something to block it early in the game and that was annoying. Sometimes the Solasmancers on Tumblr circulate new interesting details about Solas using flycam and whatnot, and each time I see those posts I'm like I gotta play through it, man. Hurt me good.

For the dozenth time, I really wish this game had a story mode, because I'm genuinely interested in playing through Blackwall's romance as well but these games are so damn long. I have already [mostly] done a completionist playthrough, but even totally skipping collections and non-main areas, IDK. The maps are fun to explore and they're huge. 45 hours for a main storyline PT? There doesn't appear to be a mod that offers story mode unless you auto-level your characters so you can cut a swath through everything. Maybe the fly mod will help.

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